J.C. & Company Gospel Messengers

J.C. & Company Gospel Messengers J.C & COMPANY GOSPEL MESSENGERS J C & Company Gospel Messengers is a  solid band that is rooted in the true style of down home gospel music. Their music takes you back to the sounds of Mahalia and the Jackson family, when gospel reigned supreme in the Black community. This […]

The Soul of NOLA

The Soul of NOLA THE SOUL OF NOLA Soul and Spirit embody the true essence of New Orleans. The group is made up of 5 really passionate, talented gospel singers from the City. Together, they have over 300 years of Southern gospel experience. At the forefront of this Crescent City quintet, is Rose Sparrow Jackson. […]

Lil’ Fats Domino

Lil’ Fats Domino EDDIE “LIL’ FATS” DOMINO In the late fifties, Fats Domino spawned a plethora of  artists all over the world with his unique, New Orleans style of singing and playing. Artist were trying their best to sing and play like the Fatman. Because of the genius of  “Fats”, scores of artists continue to […]

The Gospel Wedding Choir

The Gospel Wedding Choir THE GOSPEL WEDDING CHOIR The Magic that is New Orleans is encapsulated within the vocal harmonies of the city’s most prolific Gospel Wedding Choir,” The Spirit of New Orleans “. No choir from this region has done more to spread the love of gospel music about. This fantastic Choir has been performing […]

The Spirit of New Orleans Gospel Choir

The Spirit of New Orleans Gospel Choir THE SPIRIT OF NEW ORLEANS The Spirit of New Orleans Gospel Choir, is a conglomeration of members of the many world class gospel groups that are represented by the Jamalar Agency in New Orleans: JOYFUL, The Friendly Travelers, The Children of God, J.C. & Company, JOYFUL Gospel and […]

Joyful Band

Joyful Band JOYFUL BAND The group was formed in 1980 by duo Alfred and Loretta Caston, along with father and son team, Jessie and Regionald Veal (former bassist for Wynton Marsalis’ group). Today, the group consists of Alfred Caston, Albert Mickel and Jan Randolph. New Orleans’ own, JOYFUL!, has been delivering their own brand of […]