J.C. & Company Gospel Messengers


J C & Company Gospel Messengers is a  solid band that is rooted in the true style of down home gospel music. Their music takes you back to the sounds of Mahalia and the Jackson family, when gospel reigned supreme in the Black community. This was a time when you did not have to try to analyze music to figure what it was. Their music is akin to this period. When onstage, they perform seamlessly (with or without music accompaniment). 

The band was formed in 1994, primarily utilizing the talents of two well-known gospel music families, The Randolphs and the Price brothers. For many years both families traveled all over the south, delivering their own brands of gospel to whomever would lend an ear. The group released their first CD ”Stand Up” on the Rampart Street Music label during the summer of 1997.  They then followed up with their second offering “If you confess” in 2002. The Messengers have shared the stage with The Gospel Keynotes, The Jackson Southernaires, Joyful and The Spirit of New Orleans and The well-known Christianaires. They made their maiden voyage into the European market in the latter part of 1998 and were an instant hit with fans there. Today the group continues on their gospel journey in the midst of turbulent times. Lucain Randolph, Andre Randolph, Kelroy Price and Brandon Griffin are the forces that anchor J C & Company Gospel Messengers