Lil' Fats Domino


In the late fifties, Fats Domino spawned a plethora of  artists all over the world with his unique, New Orleans style of singing and playing. Artist were trying their best to sing and play like the Fatman. Because of the genius of  “Fats”, scores of artists continue to copy his  timeless music, even until today. One such artist  that  stood out, more than all the rest, was his Eddie Domino (his own nephew).   Eddie  grew up in the music mecca that is  New Orleans and started figuring out the piano when he was  only nine years old. Otis Redding  and Stevie  Wonder were  favourites for him as well. One day he suddenly started noticing that his uncle’s music was showing up on national  music charts around the world. He then gravitated to playing all these tunes that the world was clamoring to hear. These were tunes like Hello Josephine, Blueberry Hill, Blue Monday and the list goes on. Eddie found himself travelling in Korea(in the armed Services) before he  realized just how much his famous uncle had influenced music lovers beyond New Orleans. Fats inspired Eddie to be original and play what he feels. Fats was happy to bestow his eternal blessing and best wishes to one of his favorite nephews. Eddie has truly picked up the mantle and carried on with the Domino tradition. Audiences all over are reminded of the Fatman when they see and hear Eddie Domino perform. The Domino talent is apparent, every time he opens his mouth.


Eddie “Lil Fats” Domino just recently signed  a multi- year recording agreement with Jamalar/Rampart Street Music  in New Orleans.  He is truly counting on carrying  on with the Domino legacy. The Jamalar Agency proudly  presents,  Eddie “LiL  Fats” Domino. “