The Soul of NOLA


Soul and Spirit embody the true essence of New Orleans. The group is made up of 5 really passionate, talented gospel singers from the City. Together, they have over 300 years of Southern gospel experience. At the forefront of this Crescent City quintet, is Rose Sparrow Jackson. Rose was groomed by the local church ranks and also attended(NOCCA) The New Orleans School of Creative Arts. She excelled at her craft early in life, gaining many awards along the way. Alfred Penns and Floyd Turner have more than 40 years working with the notable Friendly Travelers gospel group. They have traveled over the world for years spreading the musical gospel that is uniquely New Orleans. Pearlie Tyler brings her sassy soprano vocals to the stage with energy and style. Pearlie has worked for many years with the popular stage play ”One Mo Time” and also with Joyful and the Spirit of New Orleans choir. Pearlie is documented on many New Orleans’ recordings(gospel and secular).

Angela Dunn is the maestro for this unit. . Angela was reared in Northern Louisiana and got her training in the churches of that region. She has been working also with the Joyful group for the past 10 years. Together these five artist are the “Soul and Spirit”



The Soul of NOLA embodies the true essence of New Orleans. This particular group is made up of (5) really passionate and talented gospel singers from the New Orleans region, straight out of the local churches. Each singer grew up in the local churches and started singing before they knew anything about the mechanics of their talent. It was just what happens in the corner churches, in New Orleans. For the past (3) years the group has traveled extensively with Joyful and the Spirit of New Orleans to destinations all over Europe. This group of (5), collectively, has more than (200) combined years of gospel music experience. This experience is circumvented only by their love and passion for gospel music itself. If you’re looking for a  “shouting good time” with gospel music, then this is the artist for you. The group lends itself to traditional, old fashioned,  gospel harmonies.  Each member in this band has spent countless hours on the road during the last decade spreading the love of Christ. Today they carry on the tradition